UN3373 Mail Lite Envelopes

UN3373 Mail Lite Envelopes

In this Category we have on sale a selection of Primary outer envelope packages that are UN3373 labelled with a front address section and a back "From" and "Contents" section. 

The primary packages on offer are:.

  • UN3373 Mail Lite Tuff bubble linned envelopes - Classed as Small Package.
  • UN3373 White Opaque printed polythene envelopes.
UN3373 Mail Lite Envelopes

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Product no.: OC:0054

UN3373 Labelled Mail Lite Tuff - A bubble bag with a polythene outer.

Ideal for mailing Diagnostic Specimens housed in SpeciSafe Secondary Packaging.

The Mail Lite Tuff bubble lined envelope gives extra strength to protect against shocks, as well as being tear and puncture resistant. Manufactured from 75 micron polyethylene. These polythene bubble envelopes are suitable for general mailings the SpeciSafe 2ndry packages containing the Category B Diagnostic Samples.

It’s all round plastic construction makes it lighter than a paper mailer. These polythene postal envelope are also waterproof and tear proof and have a peel and seal strip for easy closure. The unique outer layer on this polythene bubble envelope makes it easy to write on and labels adhere easily.

 These P650 compliant envelopes are supplied with a front UN3373 Address Label and a back “From” and “Contents” Label.

 At no extra cost these envelopes can be printed with a mail “To” address and Pre Paid GPO Licence Code on the front label and on the back label printed with a “From” address and a “Contents” section – e.g. 3 Blood Vacutainers in Rigid and Absorbent secondary protective packaging housed in a grip seal Specimen Transport Bag with Document pouches.

Size:: 180mm x 260mm 

£45.00 / box(es) *

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